Is my phone number required?

No, it’s optional but every now and then we have trouble finding our clients during pickup and a quick text message is often better than e-mailing as you’ll typically see it sooner.  The driver has limited time to wait so it can make a difference.

Please note that we will only call you in rare cases during pickup when the driver is unable to send a text or email and knows you’re in the area.  We do our very best to find our clients and the easiest way to solve booking errors is fast communication.

How does the pickup work?

Arctic Adventures handle the initial pickup and the bus will be clearly marked with their logo.  Their pickup starts at 8:30 and lasts about 30 minutes.  Make sure you’re at the pickup location at the right time as you might be the first pickup of the day.

Make sure you list your email and/or phone number so they can contact you if they have trouble finding you.

Please Note:  This combo uses Arctic Adventures´ pickup list on the drop down menu which is not the same as ours

Choosing a bike

Before hitting book please select what type of bike you want.  Whether you want the hardtail bike which is included in the price or you want an upgrade you´ll have to select it in order to choose your proper bike size.  This is very important in order for us to have the right bike ready for you on the day of departure.

Are there river crossings?

While the tour has various routes we can use depending on the weather most of them have rivercrossings and/or water.

What do I need to wear?

As this is an outdoor trailbike tour you´ll simply need to dress according to weather although we highly reccommend hard bottom shoes, gloves and a light sport jacket.

Is this tour suitable for young children?

Right now we only have adult bikes available.  This tour will definately not be suitable for children under 8 years old but we are currently looking into medium sized bikes hoping they´ll be available this summer.

Are drinks and snacks available?

As this is written on March 22nd we are currently looking into if and what will be available for purchase at the farm prior to departure.

How do I get back from the lagoon

Grayline offers hourly returns to the city with dropoff at/near your residence so all you need to do is be at the return bus 10 minutes prior to departure.

Who or what is a puffin?

The Atlantic Puffin is one of three Puffin species in the world. It is well known for its bright and colourful beak.  The Puffin is a migratory animal, and only comes to land once a year to nest. Usually between May and August.
It digs a burrow into the ground where it lays the egg. Puffins are extremely good divers, being able to dive down to 60m for food. It is well adapted to life in the water, but is a clumsy flyer.


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