Riding in the snow

Friday, November 25, 2011

It´s started snowing and this is the time of year the Icelandic horse really shines. The temperature is not too bad at about 2°C.  Nothing beats riding in weather like this, the area around the farm looks amazing and we´re exited about getting to finally start using our winter overalls 🙂

Ready for winter

Monday, November 7, 2011

With November already here we´re all tucked in for the winter. 45 horses have their winter shoes on and ready for the winter season while the rest are now on their 6 month vacation.  We´re crossing our fingers for a little snow but the temperature is holding above freezing so all we get is rain 🙂  Horseback riding in Iceland during the winter season is really fun. Fluffy horses and spiked horseshoes, a warm overall and coffee after the ride makes a great day in my book.

Update on 3 day tour

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We´ve updated the page with the 3 day riding tour for summer 2012.  We´re still working on some finishing touches and estimate that we´ll start to book for the tours in November 2011.

Studded horseshoes

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It´s that time of year again, when we change from summer to winter shoes on the horses.  During our winter season the horses that are in use will be fitted with special studded shoes to prevent them from slipping on ice or hard snow.  The studs are made from carbon so they won´t wear down and with them in place the horses will be able to walk or run on ice.

Fall is here

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

With fall and coming winter we´re busy as ever, aside from the regular riding tours we´re sorting the horses for wintertime, who will stay inside and who get a cozy 8 months vacation.  Then my personal favorite, shoeing the horses on winter shoes (the ones with spikes).

Pictures from roundup

Monday, September 19, 2011

The pictures I took at the 2011 sheep roundup this weekend are now in our galleries section…. enjoy!

Sheep roundup

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today is the big day we ride to the highlands above the farm to help local farmers round their sheep.  We´ll start “forming the line” or spreading out all over the highlands at 8am and then we´ll slowly work our way towards the main paddock where the sheep will get sorted out.  The roundup is as Icelandic as you can get and soooooo much fun.  I´ll post some pictures tomorrow night 🙂

No comment?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

We have to approve your comments on this site due to spam but don´t worry, we check it every day 🙂

New site!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Laxnes Horse Farm has a new site! From here you´ll be able to find information about all of our horseback riding tours, current and upcoming with loads of pictures of the Icelandic horse and our horsefarm here in Iceland.  I hope you find it easy to navigate and enjoy.

Haukur Þórarinsson, Manager

Viðey Island Tours

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Viðey Island tours will resume in June 2013

Viðey island is a pearl of nature located just off the coast outside Reykjavik harbor.  The island boasts of rich history as well as a large nesting ground for various bird species.
Returning to familiar ground for the summer 2012, Laxnes Horse Farm is reopening in Viðey with guided tours or simply a chance to see the horses up close.

The daily tours are designed for beginners with all the horses on the island being extremely docile and friendly. The tours are walking speed only. The surroundings of the island make it the perfect place for families with younger children to see and interact with the Icelandic horse and Viðey also offers a playground for the youngest along with Viðeyjarstofa Café where Icelandic waffles with cream play a major role.

Please note that Viðey island is a delicate environment with an immensely large bird population nesting there. We therefore have a limited number of horses on the island to ensure that the horses do not graze on nesting areas.

Our tours on Viðey island are operated twice a day starting June 1st. to August 31st.  We´ll pick you up at your residence and take you to the harbor where the ferry will be waiting to take you to the island. On the island our guides will introduce you to the horses and get you ready for a nice, relaxing stroll on the island that takes about an hour.  After the ride Viðeyjarstofa Café will have traditional Icelandic waffles with cream and coffee (or soft drinks for the young ones) ready.  After the ferry ride back to shore we´ll take you back to your residence or on to one of the combination tours for your next adventure.





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