Laxnes Distance Cup

Our annual Laxnes Distance Cup is an endurance race showcasing the strength and endurance of the Icelandic horse and sponsored by Icelandair.

This competition is held in Germany and Sweden annually with winning prices being a flight for two to Iceland along with tour packages in Iceland and trophie.

The race itself isn’t daunting though.  It’s a 20 kilometer trail with heavy penalties if you ride faster than the horse can take.  To win you have to work with your horse, know it’s strengths and keep a steady pace.  Even just one penalty point is enough to loose the lead!

In 2015 there will be various events in Germany leading to a final race and in Sweden the competition will be held late summer.  More information will be available soon for those interested in joining.  The information will be posted in the German and Swedish sections on this website as soon as it’s available.

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