Spring is coming!

This winter has been hard.  Not only has the farm seen such a growth in winter riding tours but the weather has not been all that great… terrible in fact.

But there´s an upside 🙂  Spring is almost here and we´re looking forward to it.  We have a lot of work in the coming months.  Half of our herd has been on their winter break.  A seven month vacation of just eating, realxing and being horses.  Soon we´ll round them up to the farm and get them ready to take over from the ones that have been stabled this winter to give those horses a break.

When this is done it´s time to fix things winter broke, a neverending circle 🙂  Roofs were damaged in the big march storm and the barn will undergo a major fixing up this summer.  Fences will need mending and riding trails will need some love as well.  Vehicles need tending and then the stables will see some changes late summer.

The fun never stops at Laxnes farm and we´re determined, as always,  to make this year even better than the one that came before 🙂

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