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Herding sheep – ‘Réttir’ tour 2017

Starting 13.09.2017

This tour is being organized for the fall 2017 roundups.

This tour is your opportunity to join a real Icelandic tradition. We will be riding in South of Iceland in an area called Þjórsárdalur. You will be part of the group of gathering sheep down to “Réttir” and select them as well. Here you can feel like a part of the Icelandic community and take part in an annual event every farmer waits for.
You will also take a part in “Réttir” by helping us to select the sheep and round up.
After the lambs are born in spring, farmers send the sheep into the mountains, where they spend the summer like wild animals, grazing freely. Every September, all over Iceland groups of farmers and horsemen with their mountain king or queen herd their sheep down from the summer pastures in the highlands down to “Réttir”, large corrals where the sheep are sorted. After the sheep are sorted they’re taken to their home farms for the winter.

How to select the sheep on “Réttir”?
You grab them by their horns, mount them and drag into the the right section.
The way you recognize old sheep and lambs is by a special ear marking. Svenni – your guide knows most of them by their faces…

Réttir is a really big festival in the area. We eat and drink well, and bring our selected sheep home. Enjoy nice days, spend hours in the saddle, try many Icelandic horses, eat traditional tasty food and discover beautiful nature. We will stay in nice house (beds with bedclothes) and hot tub with amazing view on Hekla.


Day 1.
9:00 – We will pick you up at place you stay in Reykjavik and drive to South of Iceland – Breiðanes farm to start our adventure. There we can have a look on tour schedule together and get to know each other.
11:00 – Icelandic lunch
12:00 – We will take a whole day of riding and visit nice places in our area. 6 hours rides with breaks for riders and horses
20:00 – Icelandic traditional dinner
21:00 – Relax in hot tub and have some free time

Day 2.
8:30 – Breakfast
9:00 – We will ride up to the group and join them to run down sheep. We help to bring the sheep over to Þjórsádalur valley. It would be long day of riding with some thousands of sheep
20:00 – 21:00 – Late arrive back for a nice Icelandic dinner.

Day 3.
6:00 – Early breakfast
07:00 – Starting our ride and gathering the sheep down to Skaftholtsréttir, after short break we will started to select the sheep. When ’Réttir’ is finish we will ride with our sheep back home.
19:00 – Icelandic traditional dinner
20:00 – Hot tub and maybe even northern lights if we are lucky. We spend nice evening together.

Day 4.
8:30 – Breakfast and say Goodbye
10:00 – Drive you back to Reykjavik


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