Riding Icelandic horses in winter

Winter is almost here and we´re working hard to get everything ready.  Our horses in Viðey island are being transported back to “the mainland” and will head directly to their winter grazing area.  Next we´ll sort our herd into two groups like always where half will get winter shoes and the others will join our Viðey herd on a nice winter long vactation.

With the weather getting colder it´s important to dress properly for our tours.  Riding the Icelandic horse in wintertime is a lot of fun, particularly in fresh snow but it can get cold so dress well!  While we have winter overalls it´s very important to have good socks on and a pair of warm gloves… toes and fingers freeze first after all 🙂

Horseback riding in Iceland in the winter season is like nothing you´ve ever done and we´ll make sure you´re warm while you´re out.

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